Recipe: How to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee - Ca Phe Trung - Perfect for winter
Vietnamese Egg Coffee - or Ca Phe Trung in Vietnamese - is a must-try drink because both of its rich history and flavour. Made with whipped egg yolks sweetened with condensed milk and Vietnamese coffee, this is a true delicacy from Hanoi that might be your new favourite dessert coffee!
Read more about the history of this wartime-born drink, and learn how to make this at home in 5 minutes! Perfect for cold winter times or during the holidays!
How to: brew Vietnamese Coffee using traditional Vietnamese phin filter
A small tool packed with so much flavour! The traditional Vietnamese coffee brewing tool - the phin filter - should be on your must-try list as they are so easy to use, environmental-friendly, travel-friendly and brew a delicious cup of coffee! Get to know your phin, how it works and how to use it to make a perfect brew every single time.